Apr 27, 2018 | Kim Christian

Presents for Mom!

Looking for presents for mom?  How about presents for mom under $20?  We've got you covered this Mother's Day.

Presents for Mom under $20

We many different decorations and ornaments under $20.  If mom is a pharmacist, we've got a set of pharmacist ornaments! 

For Mother's Day, you might want something a little more "mom" specific.  We three specific sets of ornaments that are perfect for Mother's Day.  These are the Mom Ornaments, Flower Ornaments, and Heart Ornaments.

Mom Ornaments as a Present for Mom

Naturally, mother's day is a great time to let mom know you are thinking of her.  When you're thinking about a great gift item, mom ornaments are perfect for showing off that emotional bond between mom and child.

presents for mom ornaments

The mom ornaments come as a set of 4.  They are an average of 3 inches in height.  Choose from recycled wood or baltic birch.  If you're a crafter, we recommend the baltic birch for any staining or painting.

Three of the ornaments represent a mom with a child while the fourth ornament is a heart with the word mom in the middle.  A small hole at the top lets you hang the ornaments just about anywhere (indoors).  

Flower Ornaments

Flowers complement just about anything.  Flowers are perfect for Mother's Day Gifts, but they die after a couple of days...unless they are made out of wood! 

presents for mom flower ornaments

EP Laser's wood flower ornaments make great presents for mom on Mother's Day!

Heart Ornaments

Love is for Mother's Day!  Hearts are perfect to celebrate mom.  These heart ornaments come in a set of 6.  Like all of our ornaments, choose between recycled wood  or baltic birch.

presents for mom heart ornaments

All of our ornaments are made with laser precision.  We make our items in the USA and ship everything out First Class or Priority.  Visit our online shop for more information. www.eplaser.com


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