Sep 08, 2017 | Kim Christian

Variation in Glitter Acrylic

Glitter acrylic is a beautiful product.  There are many different manufacturers that offer glitter acrylic, but we chose our product because of durability.  Our supplier makes the glitter acrylic sheets individually.  They are not mass produced.  Normally, the supplier provides the product for commercial applications- such as decorative walls, countertops, fish tanks, and more.  

After many months of testing, we found the glitter acrylic worked for our beads and jewelry.  Of course, due to the nature of the product, this means there is some variation. We try our best to keep the beads matched from the same sheet, but if you purchase 2 pairs of earrings that are the same color, you could see some variation.  

Here are some of the possible differences you may see.

Color changes based on light: we do our best to take accurate pictures.  The color variation based on the light source and how the light hits the bead make a difference.  Each picture is essentially a snapshot of that color in the given circumstances.  We recommend you view a video of each color (we will post these at the bottom of this page as we create them) showing the different color variation.

Glitter density: Since the sheets are not mass produced, this means each piece of acrylic has a specific amount of glitter.  Even if each sheet starts with the same amount of glitter, the glitter distributes throughout the sheet differently.  This creates some beads with less glitter and some with much more.  Some beads are more translucent than others.

Bead thickness:  Some beads are thicker than others.  This is another result of not mass producing each color and sheet.  We do our best to match thicknesses when making earrings.  If you end up with a pair that is completely mismatched, let us know and we can work with you to exchange the pair you received.



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