Custom Book Box

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These boxes are great gifts for any occasion that needs to be remembered for a lifetime or longer. Each box is customized for you!

Our Book Boxes are of top quality Baltic birch plywood for greater strength.

They feature the awesome "living hinge" that makes these boxes so special, allowing us to make the front and back of the box from the same piece of wood.

The boxes are finished with a high-quality water based Urethane/ Acrylic Blend with a UV stabilizer for the best protection we can offer.

All Book Boxes are cut and etched on the laser then hand assembled.

These boxes are great gifts to remember any occasion for a lifetime or longer. Each box is customized for you!



  • Boxes are 5 "(wide) x 7"(tall) 1.25"(deep)
  • Feature the "living hinge"
  • Made of top quality baltic birch plywood
  • High quality water based finish
  • UV protection
  • Choose your box with no pages or 1, 2, 3, or 4 pages.



Since the characteristics of wood changes, no two boxes will be the same. Grain direction, colors of the tint and many other factors will guarantee that each box is unique. Instructions for care will be included with you box. Processing times will take 1-2 weeks.


To order:

1. Select the number of pages you would like

2. Select the file you want on the front.

3. Select the file you want on the back (optional)

4. If you have chosen pages: select the file you want for those pages.

5. Place your order.


Life’s achievements – both milestones and adventures - are always in need of recognition by family members and friends:

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Employee Recognitions
  • World Travels

Employee recognitions for outstanding performance need proper acknowledgment; as do recognition of meeting business goals, organizing charity gatherings, and annual or periodic family gatherings and community events.

How that recognition is applied is the task to be determined by each individual.

The Ultimate Greeting Card

The use of artistic endeavors has long been a favorite method.  Greeting cards are now popular…and partially fill that need, but rapidly lose their sincerity and creativity of thought for many personal situations. Not so, with the lasting gift of Book-Boxes with its opportunity for continuous originality of content. By itself, it bespeaks of an artistic reaction from the recipient.

One could ask what is art, anyway? No doubt, all of us have different opinions. Some like this description as rephrased from a variety of quotes one could never alone match, such as Oscar Wilde; Frank Lloyd Wright, Francis Ford Coppola, and others: Art is never a single anything…it’s a compilation…not an entity in itself, but a way …the most concentrated method invented by mankind…Art has a risk factor; one can lose oneself and find one self in the same time frame. Humans invented ‘Art’ so we won’t die (or become bored) from Truth. In the case of Book-Boxes, art comes forth.      

The creation of a Book-Box encourages, permits, allows personalized inputs during the making process; and/or permits selection from a predetermined mixture of preferred options.

The term “Book-Box” connotes two primary applications….one performing as a book by providing informative educational, and/or personalized information worthy of generational preservation, such as favorite phrases, poems, religious or notable philosophical quotes worth sharing; or just to inform future generations of family and friends regarding one’s private-personal values… or to document current living generational branches of the family tree… or to capture and share magic family moments-in-time.

Or perhaps to continuously call attention to significant surprise events with your own personalized title: “At This Moment This Happened” or “I Was There” as followed by your perception of details of the time, place and the significance of the personal moment in question.

The permanent presence and artistic look of engraved wood that folds like book, offers distinctiveness, a uniqueness not regularly available to the public…with contents that are of one’s own thoughtful description.    

Secondly, it also serves as a box for keepsakes directly relatable to the chosen theme of the time, such as a copy of the wedding certificate, or a hand-written note received from a favorite friend unable to have personally attended; or a piece of icing from the wedding cake (now partially petrified); or a graduation ring now too small to be worn, but retained for future memories, possibility as a conversation starter complete with bragging rights. 


Such is the combined appeal of the Book-Box: an artistic opportunity to create/blend both theme and content intended to mutually honor a moment in time and continually share it with friends and loved ones in the future.


Book-Boxes are produced in the United States of America by EPLaser of Texas.