Celtic Decorations - Ornaments for Weddings, Christmas, Gifts

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These Celtic decorations are the perfect ornaments for weddings, Christmas, or to give as a gift!

Celtic Ornaments are a great way to share your love for the Celtic culture.  These Celtic symbols are frequently found in Celtic art. 

Depicting the Celtic knot, each ornament provides a different design.

Trinity knots or Celtic triangles are a popular design!  Celtic knot with heart designs are also included.  Celtic circles complement the set.  The set includes lucky Celtic clovers and Celtic Shamrocks.

The Celtic symbolism is representative of love and eternity. Celtic symbols link to mythology, history and magic. 

Cultures such as Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and British tie to original Celtic Cultures. These ornaments make a great addition to help you celebrate.

Celtic Wedding Ideas

Celebrating a Celtic theme wedding?  These Celtic ornaments fit right in!

Wedding Decorations  

Use as coasters!  Non-drip glasses complement these ornaments.  The average size of each ornament is 3 inches at the widest point.  At 1/8 inch thick - they definitely make a statement on those wedding tables!

You can also hang these on wedding table centerpieces.  Creatively integrate them with your table decor.  Hang these on metal ornament trees and show off your Celtic theme!

Wedding Favors 

Celebrate your love in style.  Share these ornaments with your guests as wedding favors!  Add them to your gift bags or give them individually.  

Say thank-you to your wedding party.  Give Celtic ornaments representing love and eternity.  These are your family and friends!  They have cherished and helped make your day the most special day.

Don’t want to wait to thank your guests?  Catch them during the invitation phase.  Include an ornament with your invitations.  What a great way to capture their attention while sending out some positive vibes.

Celtic Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Celtic ornaments are perfect to decorate your Christmas tree! Celtic Christmas Ornaments are perfect to decorate your table, your walls, your office, or even your car!  One customer shared how she hangs our ornaments from her Chandelier.  Use twine, ribbon, or anything thin!

The most common application of any of our ornaments is to hang them on the Christmas tree!  You can use a variety of methods to hang them.  This includes the traditional simple hooks.  For a more rustic look, combine with twine.  If you prefer an elegant look, these pair very well with floral ribbon.

These make a great addition to your wrapped Christmas presents.  Attach an ornament with a bow.  Add that Celtic flare to the outside of your present!  Put a smile on your loved one's face before they even open the gift!

Hang them around a flower vase!  Keep them away from water, but feel free to feature them around the vase. 

These look great wrapped onto a vase holding artificial flowers.  No more boring vases. No need trying to find a new vase to have a new look.  Add a Celtic Ornament and turn that old plain vase into a beautiful Celtic theme vase.

Craft Applications

Many of our customers purchase the Celtic ornaments and decorate or use them on the tree exactly the way they come.  For those of you that are crafters, you have plenty of options!

♦Kids crafts! The recycled wood is very giving to crafts simple enough for kids.  Our 6-year old product tester loves to color them.  She takes standard Crayola markers and colors the ornaments.  While it's a simple craft, she reports it is a lot of fun!  This is evidenced by the 40 or so ornaments she "found" and colored before I caught her.

♦Scrap-booking! We admit we are not very experienced with scrap-booking.  Our customers have reported great success using our products for scrap-booking!  Get creative and turn those scrap books into Celtic themed beauties.

♦Picture frames! Another customer favorite is to add the ornaments to picture frames!  Turn an ordinary frame into a Celtic-inspired treasure.

♦Wood box accents! And yet another reported craft project from a customer!  Glue these on to your wooden boxes.  Turn a plain box into that storage for all of your mythical and magical items.

♦Crafters imagination!  We freely admit we are not the most creative of crafters.  While we love to design these ornaments, you crafters are the real minds behind the projects!  Use your imagination and create your own Celtic treasure.  Feel free to share that project with us!  We'll gladly show off your work.

Celebrate Celtic Culture - Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British Ornaments and Gifts

If you hail from a Celtic culture or have ties to one of the Celtic cultures these ornaments are a great way to tie that in to your decor. (Let’s be honest...many of us have ties to those cultures at one time in our ancestry.)

One of the most recognized Celtic symbols related to Ireland is the Celtic Shamrock or the Celtic Clover. (Because most people don't know the difference between a Shamrock and a Clover and use the term interchangeably...but we have both for you).

Besides the clover or the shamrock, other Celtic images link directly to Celtic Irish culture.  These are frequently purchased as Irish gifts and Irish ornaments.  If you are Irish or know someone Irish - these Celtic ornaments work great as a gift for someone or yourself!

Irish searches dominate our Celtic ornament searches for the Celtic nations.   Yet, these ornaments are a great way to celebrate the Celtic culture regardless of what geographic region your Celtic roots link you.  The six territories usually attributed as Celtic nations include Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.  These six are commonly referred to as the "Celtic fringe".

Celebrate your Celtic roots with the Celtic Ornaments!

Celtic Imagery in History and Fiction

If you've seen Disney's Marvel movie Thor (or Thor Ragnarok), you may remember scenes of Thor in Asgard.  You can see significant Celtic imagery all throughout the world.  It's beautiful and appropriate considering Celtic images are frequently tied to mythical stories.

Besides modern entertainment, we also see Celtic imagery throughout various religions in history.  The Catholic Church was an early adopter of Celtic images.  Many were also found in earlier Pagan religions.  Today, many churches use the Celtic images to represent love, eternal life, and togetherness.

What's Included in this Ultimate Celtic Ornament Set

Included is:

(1) The Favorite Original Celtic Set, 4 ornaments

Both Celtic Knot Heart Ornament Sets, 8 ornaments

Lucky Celtic Clover & Shamrock Ornament Set, 4 ornaments

Both Triangle Celtic Ornament Sets, 8 ornaments

All 3 Round Celtic Ornament Sets, 12 ornaments

Bonus: 2 Additional Triangle Ornaments & the Celtic Rope Heart Ornament

That's a total of 39 ornaments!


♦Ornaments come "unfinished".  You can leave these just as they are or you can decorate them. Seal them if you choose.

♦Recommended indoor use only.  Made from Eco-Friendly Recycled Wood.

♦Ornaments measure approximately 3 inches across the widest point of the ornament.

♦This set comes with a total of 39 ornaments!

*Please note - we cut these with a laser which may create a mild odor (especially during the holidays when we cut a lot).  The ornaments will smell like burned wood.  Some people love this, but others don't.  Typically, these air out over a day or two.  If you happen to get ornaments cut and packaged quickly, you will likely want to air these out.  Most customers do this in an enclosed porch, garage, or an uninhabited room.  We frequently lay them out in a box lid and put them next to an air filter right after cutting. You may also have some small amounts of sawdust.  These are made from recycled wood.  Any light sanding will sometimes leave a little bit of sawdust behind.