Crosses - Peace, Love, WWJD, Faith, Joy, Jesus, Hope - 7 Wood Ornaments or Decor Set

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  • Set of 7 crosses. Peace, Love, Faith, Joy, Jesus, Hope, WWJD (What would Jesus do) wood ornaments or wood decor.
  • These are a great Christian gift item. A wonderful display of Christian theme decor.
  • Eco-friendly: choose from recycled wood or sustainable sourced Baltic Birch.

These crosses come as a set of 7.  Each one measures approximately 3 inches high.

These wood ornaments or decorations make a lovely addition to the Christian theme decor.

Made from recycled wood, these come unfinished. You can leave them in the unfinished form for the natural beauty, or use any traditional wood finishing technique to finish them. 

Each of the words represents a Christian concept: Peace, Love, Faith, Jesus, Joy, Hope, and WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). 

These ornaments look lovely on a Christmas tree, hanging on a wall, or even in craft applications such as jewelry, scrapbooking, or other accents in projects. 

These are only 1/8 inch thick. 

They come with the "burned" look from the markings (more noticeable on the recycled wood) during the manufacturing process for a truly unique piece. Each cross will vary in the marking pattern.