Golden Retriever Ornaments

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These golden retriever ornaments are a great item to express your love of the golden retriever breed.

Golden Retriever Ornaments

Celebrate the golden retriever breed with these golden retriever dog breed ornaments!

SET of 4 Golden Retriever Decorative Ornaments.

Each set includes:

  • 3" ornament with a golden retriever face of the dog.
  • Paw print design ornament.
  • (2) bone designs with the golden retriever dog breed name.

Ornaments, Wall Decor

These ornaments are often used as Christmas ornaments, wall décor, or other decorations.

Use the space at the top to use an ornament hook or thin cor to hang. Any thin material will work!

These are also used to hang on wrapped presents, gift baskets, or vases.

DIY Decor, Craft Applications

These ornaments can be left in the unfinished look as they come.

Crafters, hobbyists, or do-it-yourself enthusiasts can use traditional wood finishing techniques to customize.

These ornaments are often used in scrap-booking, attach to picture frames, and your unique craft ideas.


Choose from recycled and recovered wood ornaments or select Balitc Birch sustainably sourced!

Recommended INDOOR USE only.  Keep away from excessive moisture. Made by EP Laser.

Golden Retrievers are Family

Our pets are our family.  We spend a great deal of time with them, and it seems only fit that we celebrate them during special occasions. 

If you are a Golden Retriever lover, or know someone that is a golden retriever lover - these ornaments make a wonderful gift idea.  

Unique Decorations

These decorations hang on a tree like many traditional ornaments.  You can also decorate your office, car, any wall, and many other decorating ideas. 

Hang with a small nail, ornament hook, wire, rope, ribbon, etc.

These make great golden retriever Christmas ornaments, gifts for the golden retriever dog lover, or even decorate in honor of your pet's birthday!

Looking for personalized dog ornaments?  Contact us or visit this page.

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About The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their friendliness, intelligence, and devotion.  The AKC ranks these dogs as 3 out of 193.

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland but has become one of America's most popular dog breeds. 

These dogs are versatile in their work.  Many are used for hunting and field work.  Others are used as guides for the blind.  You'll see some working in search-and-rescue.  

Golden Retrievers enjoy obedience and other competitive events.  As all owners know, they also make great pets (aka. family members).