Schnauzer Dog Breed Ornaments - Set of 4

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  • Celebrate DOGS- These wood decorations represent various breeds of dogs. Choose from dozens of different breeds.
  • SET of 4 Ornaments- Each set includes a 3" ornament with the face of the dog breed, a paw print design ornament, and 2 bone designs with the breed name (because what dog only has 1 bone).
  • ORNAMENTS, WALL DÉCOR- Often used as ornaments, wall décor, or other decorations. Use the space at the top to use an ornament hook, thin cord, or other thin material to hang the decorations. Also used to hang on wrapped presents, gift baskets, or vases.
  • DIY DÉCOR, CRAFT APPLICATIONS- These ornaments can be left in the unfinished look or the crafter, hobbyist, or do-it-yourself enthusiast can use traditional wood finishing techniques to customize. Used in scrapbooking, attach to picture frames, and your unique craft ideas.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- made from recycled wood. Recommended INDOOR USE only, keep away from excessive moisture. Made by EP Laser.

Celebrate DOGS! Set of 4 ornaments, 3 inches high for the largest ornament (see pictures for dimensions of each ornament), 1/8 inch thick. These eco-friendly ornaments are made from recycled wood. Choose your favorite breed, the breed that matches your dogs, or even ones you like! Each set of ornaments comes with an ornament that has the face of a dog representing the breed, a paw print design ornament, and two dog bone themed ornaments with the breed name. These make great veterinarian gifts! Give to your friend or family member that is a dog lover. These are made by EP Laser.