Heart Ornaments

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  • These Heart Valentine or Christmas ornaments measure just under 3 inches in diameter and come as a set of 6. There is a hole at the top of the ornament so you can use your favorite style of ornament hanger.
  • These eco-friendly heart ornaments are great for the Christmas Tree, as a gift for Valentine's Day, or as general decorations. You can also accent a vase, a gift, or much more with these.
  • Made from recycled wood, these are laser engraved/cut and left with the “unfinished” look for a very unique design.
  • While these Christmas or Valentine's decorations are wonderful in the unfinished look, crafters can use any traditional wood finishing technique to further customize.
  • These ornaments are made by EP Laser.

These heart wood ornaments or decorations are a wonderful complement to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other heart-filled day!

Throwing out the traditional glass balls, these wooden ornaments are less likely (though it is still possible) to break when falling from a tree, window, or wall, thanks to the family pet or human accidents.

Now you can honor the love in your life by hanging these ornaments in your home or business!

Not just for Christmas-time, these ornaments are sure to prove a hit year round. These are made by EP Laser from recycled and recovered wood.

The manufacturing process removes any signs of grain, but provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood and still retains enough qualities of traditional wood for the crafter to sand, stain, paint, or seal, like other wood. Left in its “unfinished” state, the ornaments are a great addition and provide a beautiful look without any customization. Even if you choose to finish these ornaments, these are intended for indoor use for decoration. Whether you choose to customize them or leave them in their “unfinished” look, we are sure your and/or your loved one(s) will enjoy these ornaments! Please note that these ornaments may retain some of their “odor” from the manufacturing process. The unfinished look also leaves the marking from the laser process, making each ornament fairly unique. The images show a close representation of the item(s) you will receive, but some variance may occur due to wood variation, marking variation, or differences due to screen/monitor variation. A FAQ sheet is included with the ornaments. Please feel free to contact us with any questions (through the contact seller option).