Mom Ornaments

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MOM Ornaments

These mom ornaments are perfect for Mother's Day!  Give them as a gift, use them in craft projects, decorate, and more!

3” Set of 4 Mom Ornaments

For Decorations Gifts or Crafts, Attach to Gift Baskets, DIY Applications, or Decorate

  • MADE FOR MOMs- give as a gift for any mother. Give to a mom, step-mom, mother in law, mother to be, or any mother figure.
  • ORNAMENTS, WALL DÉCOR- Often used as ornaments, wall décor, or other decorations. These mom ornaments have a hole at the top where you can use an ornament hook, thin cord, or other thin material to hang the decorations. Also used to hang on wrapped presents, gift baskets, or vases.
  • DIY DÉCOR, CRAFT APPLICATIONS- These mom ornaments can be left in the unfinished look or the crafter, hobbyist, or do-it-yourself enthusiast can use traditional wood finishing techniques to customize. Used in scrapbooking, attach to picture frames, and your unique craft ideas.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- choose from recycled wood or sustainably sourced Baltic Birch. Recommended INDOOR USE only, keep away from excessive moisture. Made by EP Laser.

Made with All MOMs in Mind!

These mom ornaments are symbolic of the love of a mother for her child. Not all mothers are biological- these represent motherly love. That includes biological mothers, step-mothers, mother in law, adoptive mother, even someone who acts in a motherly role but in an unofficial capacity. Know a mom to be? Give these mom ornaments as a gift of support and congratulations.

Use as Ornament, Wall Décor, or Decorations

Leave these ornaments in the unfinished look to use as ornaments at Christmas, hang on the wall as decorations, or add as accents to gift baskets, presents, and vases. These are useful for a variety of indoor uses.

Crafters and DIY Enthusiasts Rejoice!

These unique decorations are wonderful in the unfinished condition, but those bold enough to customize can use traditional wood finishing techniques to paint, stain, seal, and finish in your own creative method. Many customers have used EP Laser’s items in scrapbooking, jewelry making, attach to picture frames, custom artwork, and many other craft and do-it-yourself projects.

Put Your Mind at Ease with ECO-FRIENDLY Products

Recycled Wood option: Utilizing material otherwise wasted, recovered and recycled wood is manufactured into material perfect for these ornaments. This process eliminates the grain look of the wood but still provides a beautiful outcome. Recommended for INDOOR use. Rest easier knowing that no trees were killed for the manufacturing of this product.

Baltic Birch Option: This wood option is for those who want the look of the grain, or for crafters.  We only use Baltic Birch sourced from sustainably grown locations.  Choose this option for better staining and sealing of the mom ornaments.