Snowman Christmas Ornaments, Set of 8 Decorations

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  • These Snowman Christmas ornaments measure just under 3 inches in diameter and come as a set of 6. There is a hole at the top of the ornament so you can use your favorite style of ornament hanger.
  • Made from recycled wood, these eco-friendly Christmas decorations show-off the joyous season. They also make great gifts!
  • Made from recycled wood, these are laser engraved/cut and left with the "unfinished" look for a very unique design.
  • While these Christmas decorations are wonderful in the unfinished look, crafters can use any traditional wood finishing technique to further customize.
  • These ornaments are made by EP Laser.

These cute little snowmen make a great addition to your Christmas decor. Hang them as Christmas Ornaments, or just as general Christmas Decorations. These smiling reminders of the Christmas season are made from recycled wood, and left unfinished. While beautiful in the unfinished look, crafters are welcome to use traditional wood techniques to provide an alternative finish. Many past customers enjoy the unfinished design that will naturally "patina" over time.